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This person puts as many things between himself and his subject, as she/he can.... Both distance and physical barriers. Needs to come out of closet. Probably too threatened and as a result, threatening to others stalking them... If possible, a warm smile and relaxed attitude will break the ice and open up a whole world of possibility, perhaps begin with a med. tele., then normal, yes, then even wide angle. Direct experience mixed with a compassionate attitude. The child in the "big truck" is cute. Bill
Early on, I would shy away from getting "too close" to people. Now if I have a main subject(s) in my frame, my goal is to get close enough to them so that they occupy 1/3 to 1/2 of the frame (with a 28mm lens).

The more you make yourself move out of your comfort zone and get closer to people when doing street photography, the sooner you will get past your nerves and become comfortable getting close to your subjects - and the sooner you will start to create rewarding images.

Anyone can make street photos from a "safe" distance - and they will end up with mundane images with no clear subject and no visual impact. Commit to getting close and overcoming your nerves - the rewards are well worth the effort.