If anyone cares, I fired an F2, F3, and an F4s to compare.

In the interest of fairness, I did so at arms length. I presume the OP is more concerned about someone he is shooting hearing the camera than himself hearing the camera.

As an aside, my F4 is quieter than my Leica M6. I have no problems convincing people Im not a reporter (Im not) with the M6. When I was 18 everyone thought I was a reporter with the F4.

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I like the answers :-) And I will try an F4.
Thats an adventure from which; you won't recover
Why that?
JMHO, but the F4 is the "most camera feeling" fully automatic camera ever made. Its a hard thing to explain.

Convince a someone who has only ever shot an F or F2 to pick one up, and half the time you will have to fight him for it back. Give him an N80, N90, F100, F5/6 etc and he might throw it at you out of frustration. ANYONE who can shoot a full-manual camera (or full auto people) can figure out how to use an F4. It works EXACTLY like an F2 in full manual mode, and never gives the user the dreaded "which buttons do I need to hold while turning which dial" fright. Everything works exactly how one would expect it to work.

My only gripe with the F4 is that the program modes dont offer the ability to change Fstop/shutter speed like some newer cameras do. you know, dial through every automatically offered Fstop/shutter combo with the flick of a wheel...