Wow, some real locals here!

I spend a lot of time in Altadena. My band practices there, two of my closest friends live there, and a few years ago I was dating a lady who lived there. I also go hiking a lot in the San Gabriels, which I access via Altadena.

In Alhambra, I grew up near the intersection of Fremont and Main (by Satellite Hobbies, Tops, Jr. Burgers, Carrol's Brakes, Modern Auto Service, Alhambra Market, etc.) and I went to AHS.

Still wondering whether the OP means Spain. Somehow I think so, because if someone was from Alhambra, CA, they would probably say "Alhambra, CA," while if someone was from Alhambra, Spain, they'd probably just say "Alhambra."