I also had a wonderful time. Great people and very fine shooting. Thanks to Bill for the kick start and finding the motel discount.

I should have followed Andrew home to Mpls. I drove over 9 hours that included three separate 30 minute stretches of standing nearly still on 75/23 at construction bottlenecks.

The B&W rolls are all lined up (+ one in the camera waiting to finish), and I'm considering the agx lab that Sean uses up in Sault for the E6. (Should'a dropped them on the way home.)

We owe Sean thanks for the great spot out west, and we also owe him some thoughts on printing. Jim was right, the road we were on before our last turn goes out nearer the bluff and rock where the divers and dog were swimming to the west of us.

Thanks to others for the refreshing beverages.

Can't commit to future trips, but will do what I can to make any.