I was aghast when I checked and realized I hadn’t commented since the end of July. My apologies.

I’ve previously commented on the cards I’ve received from 12 people. Since then, I’ve received a further 12 cards in this 23rd exchange:

Allen Friday - “Dry Falls - North Carolina” - an intriguing viewpoint
andrew.vartabedian - “Trestle, Duck Hollow” - nice and mysterious, and nice use of glossy too
anikin - “Music in the Snow” - a fun discovery, and an interesting (almost vintage-like) print
Black Dog - “Gathered from Coincidence” - dream like
gordrob - “Mt. Rundle” - an ethereal image that I really like
hwv - “Eiffel Tower” - immediately recognizable, yet inventive
Laurent - “Crest of a Wave” - you can feel the movement
markrewald - “Denver Serengetti” - nice kitty
masimix - “Clouds and Sky” - evocative, but I really want to know what the real title is!
ndrs - “Self portrait with Bricks” - love the way that the pattern in the bricks mirrors your profile
Oxleyroad - “Last of the Summer Golden Orb Spiders” - fascinating subject and gorgeous tones
Tim Gray - “Kyoto - Last Kodachrome” - a fine good-bye

Twenty-four down, four (bascom49, brchambe, lorirfrommontana and Mick Fagan) yet to come

Thanks to everyone for participating.