The Cadius II is somewhat unique because it has a reflex viewing window which allows you to see exactly what subject area you are reading. The old Metrastar had a similar feature.

The meter is powered by two PX625 or PX13 batteries (not included). There is a "zero" control switch. The needle moves as it should, and the readings seem to agree with another vintage light meter, but perfect accuracy is not guaranteed.

The meter is in excellent condition, without any chips or damage. There is no battery corrosion inside. The zipper on the black leather case is missing the pull tab, but is still very useable. The incident white sliding plastic dome is missing.

Note the black operating switch on the right hand side, which has a three position operation. Pushing the switch to the first detent measures light, using the high or low scale according to where the dial is set. The second detent position provides for zero adjustment; and the final detent position is a battery check. This mechanism is apparently very similar to that found on the Gossen Sixtomat. Turning the exposure dial automatically brings in the appropriate sensitivity range.

$69 + $7 shipping