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Wow, you guys have already sent cards....I am only going to start printing this weekend. What worries me a bit is the fact that I don't have those neat "postcard" paper sheets, only normal thickness sheets. I hope the postal services don't manage to destroy them in transit. Maybe I should stick them on thin(ish) cardboard or something.
I've never sent out my cards on *real* postcard sheets - always been cut down from larger sheets or regular size sheets if I've had them in stock. I admit I do stick my labels (fullsize) which does add to the thickness a little, but have also just used 2 smaller ones on many as well.

And many of the cards I've received haven't been postcard stock either and still fair very well in the post.

It's rare that I receive damaged postcards in any form, unless it has been soaked in the rain at some stage prior to delivery.