Dear All,

As promised, I am now able to update the availability of the HARMAN TiTAN Pinhole Camera.

But first, we have been been absolutely amazed at the interest generated by this new product and even more stunned by the level of advance orders that have been placed by our distributor partners around the world.

As these cameras are effectively hand built in the UK, we already will need to stagger shipments to our distributors to ensure all markets have fair shares of units as they are supplied to us from the maker.

The first HARMAN TiTANS from full production run one, will be available in the USA / North American retail market by late November / Early December.

Europe and Australia will also be Late November.

UK Will see units in early November.

Other markets will likely be early 2012 and supplied from full production run two that have already been ordered.

The full kit will now also include 10 sheets of MULTIGRADE paper to make paper negs, as well as the Direct Positive FB paper and the DELTA 5x4 Film.

Further information will be posted on our websites in the coming weeks.

Simon ILFORD Photo / HARMAN technology Limited :