Thanks to everyone for all the advice and discussion. At this point I have located some e100g which will get me through one project and will be my film of choice till it is gone. I have placed another order for more will see if it actually gets shipped. Ffor the time being out dated or even not yet out dated Velvia seems to be able to be had on eBay. For the time being at least a few places are still getting shipped fresh from Kodak. I assume it must be coming out of inventory. There are labs still doing processing E6 processing. The local lab is doing runs once a week for the time being being but may stop at any time. I have to wonder about quality of the chemicals. May force me to do mail order guys because the are still running more consistently. I am having a hard time understanding how ther is not enough market out there to support a cottage industry in color reversal film. Even if Kodak no longer has the financial ability or interest you have to wonder why they would not sell the patents and some equipment to others who are structured to profit from a smaller market/operation.