I understand you very well. Cinema is a great point of canon dslrs. If you are willing to spend few hundreds , invest in LOMO Anamorphic Cinematography lenses. Russian lenses and their yellowish brownish hot tones are very matching with canon sensors. But the tones , grades and pure colors are faraway better than the canon lenses. There is a group at APUG on cinema making , there are many experienced apugers there. Do you follow vimeo , there are great shots with lomo anamorph . canon combo. And Leica R Zoom lenses are reachable. It would render like Pink Floyd Pompeii Live. I dont hate digi , cinema works but not photographs. And m42 zeiss lenses are great zeiss biogon or equivalent zenit helios 58 mm. You can use mid format hasselblad lenses also.

Best ,