I just received a mail from D. Paepke who is one of the authorities of Rollei repair in Germany. He just overhauls my Rolleiflex T, and I asked him about the plastic parts of the "T" and whether it ist really so difficult to repair the camera. He answered that he had succeded in repairing every "T" he received. According to him the film transport is more simple than in other Rolleiflexes, and there is exactly one plastic gear wheel inside which drives the counting mechanism. Even the plastic stripes with the f-stops and the shutter speeds on them do not really fail frequently when you consider that the cameras are 40 or 50 years old, he said. And he didn't give me the impression at all that there is anything wrong with this model.

So get your camera and enjoy. I like the "T" because it ist a lightweight, more like the Rolleicord, and I am a fan of the coupled EV scale which fits perfectly to my needs. The Tessar lens of the Rolleiflex T is an improved version with an amount of Lanthanium in it to improve colour rendition in comparison with older Rolleiflexes like the Automats, and the pictures I get from it are sharp as a tack and add a specific look to them I really like.