What's the real word? This morning I received a reply to an email to Adolph Gasser (SF) regarding availability of Acros in 120 format stating "Fuji Discontinued ALL 120 Black white film just about 2 years ago"

I was a bit surprised. I know 120 Acros became available only in 5-packs instead single rolls a while back. I bought some locally (Beau Photo, Vancouver Canada) early in the past summer. Freestyle, B&H, and Glazer's both claim stock as does Henry's in Canada. Beau is out of stock in 120, but has some on order and expect it "in the next week or so". Adorama claims backordered.

I could not find Acros or any B/W films on the Fuji websites. (I did see it on the UK Fuji site, but the page carried a 2005 copyright notice...)

Can anybody shed some light on the real state of Acros. Am I just getting "old stock" these days?