Laurent/Ruediger, thank you for your comments, glad to hear you liked the print. It's one of my favourites so far.

TJ/Roger, I hope my print makes its way to you safely.

I have been so mired in work and home renovations that I haven't had much time for the internet world over the past couple weeks. Part of the renovation was related to photography though. I've been trying to figure out what to do with all these cool postcards/prints I've been getting from around the world. I hate to hide them away in a box or drawer to just occasionally pull them out to look at them. So, I have dedicated a wall in our home to the works that other Apuggers have shared with me. The wall is painted with magnetic primer and I've already got a couple dozen postcards/prints stuck to it. It's pretty cool and has become a focal point for everyone who comes to visit.

TJ/Laurent/Ruediger I have received your prints and they are stuck to the wall. All so different, but I really like them all. Thank you.

I see in my Inbox that Ruediger has sent out the addresses for the postcard exchange (yes, I am that far out of touch), so I better get working on those now.

Thanks again everyone. Take care,