Hi Nikki

The way I look at it is this: the only reason to get out of the FD world is if you want AF. Everything else, a FD camera can handle - and they are so cheap, (between the AE-1's, AE-1p's, EF, T series, newF1, AT, AV... on and on and on you have a nice spread of price options). So unless you want, or need AF - look at it this way:
A T-90 will offer you pretty much EOS w/o AF, and they are known as "the tank" for a reason. Full manual, or full (quite sophisticated too) auto modes, metering options, etc. But, you still have to pay $300 plus for a really nice one. Oh, yeah, and they are putridly ugly.
A NewF1 is... well, its just too cool for words!(OK, that last bit is just my personal bias...) - but: professional quality, strength, a monster motor drive (4.5fps), ability to shoot with a dead batt. (albeit limited - but try it with a modern SLR...), very modular, etc. You can probably have one for life, but you might be looking at $300-400 for a nice one with all the goodies.

OK, so those are the "I am going to stick to FD lenses for good and want that ONE camera" options. Now, this may not fit your budget - fine.

You rother option is buying a AE, AT, AV for $50-75 for a body in nice shape, and using it until it cacks out (which may be soon, but may be not before you do!). They are not as flexible as the above, not as robust, don't have some of the advanced features (but you'd be surprised how few). And can keep you happily shooting for years at a price where even a "camera-a-year" approach is pretty cheap (the gear will costs you less than you spend on coffee in a couple of weeks, hehehehe)

And the "in-between" options - A-1, a nice, semi-pro level camera or an EF (the only FD SLR with mirror lock - other than the old F1!).

And if you choose the AF path, let me know what lenses you have, I'd more than happy to ease your transition into the new way of Auto this and that!

And simply, all new cameras are ugly. So there.

These are of course just suggestions from an "advanced beginner", heavily laced with what I hope you will all take as humour