Vivitar sold at least two 75-205/3.8 manual focus lenses. The original two touch model is a very good performer and was a great improvement over the earlier 85-205. I wrote about it in a CameraShopper article some years ago. The later one touch version is also a decent lens. I still don't know whether the matching 2X Vivitar teleconverter is for the two touch lens or the one touch lens. In either case, a 150-410/7.6 is not easy to use. The FG does not have a very good reputation for reliability and can't always be repaired. If you can manage something a little heavier, an FE is a better choice. The N2020 makes a nice manual focus camera with a good feature set and selles for very little. It also has user interchangeable focusing screens. I would not be interested in an FG until the price got down to the $20 range.