I sure wish I had an ITAH tale to share, but my experience has been somewhat the opposite.

I'm a member of a model train club here in New Jersey. A few years ago, I took it upon myself to photograph certain parts of the permanent layout because I knew they would change as part of the conversion to a new train control technology called Digital Command Control (DCC).

Over the course of several weeks I hauled my Hassy, tripod, and other gear I needed to the club, and when I arrived, I found a place to park my stuff and unpack it. Other members arriving after I did would see me with my camera, often while I was unpacking it, and comment on it.

"You got a Hasselblad."

"That's a medium format camera. Cool."

And so forth.

The reactions were, in some ways, not surprising, as the club membership is comprised of people in law, accounting, computer programming, etc. - in short, educated, intelligent people.

Dieter Zakas

P.S. The club of which I'm a member, Pacific Southern, took down their website account no traffic thereto.