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What is your opinion of the Chinese Amidol? A previous poster seems to have a low opinion of it, so I thought ask your opinion.


Mikke Sullivan
I should qualify my statement. A lot of people have a low opinion of the Chinese amidol because it's very nasty stuff to work with.

What I meant to convey to the OP is that if you're new to using amidol, the Chinese stuff might put you so off with its excessive staining, its opacity of working solution in the tray making it impossible to see the print come up, the necessity of filtering out the particulates in the working solution, etc. that you abandon its use after the first try. That would be unfortunate.

As foul a concoction as it is to work with, I use it because the blacks it yields seem denser to me. It's worth it to me to put up with the bad things about it to get more dmax in my Azo prints. So my opinion is both high and low. But I'm obsessive about print quality and brook no compromise for the sake of convenience. And you certainly can't beat the price of the Chinese stuff.

If Michael Smith uses it his opinion of it is very high. He won't use anything that won't yield the best possible print.