I think you already know how I feel, T. It really depends on needs and personality and how YOU feel. From a selling standpoint, when it comes to taste, there is a market for almost everything. Obviously, selling, has a lot to do with other things (marketing for one) than actual quality or particular genre of the images. Therefore, I am in the camp that you have to do what you love to do and what pleases you. Only then you can be happy and satisfied. If others enjoy your work, great, and if they don't, that's okay too. We all know that if any successful photographer had obsessed about the perception from the general public or their peers, they would have never developed their signature look and be satisfied with their work. There is no way to make everyone happy with anything so you might as well be happy with what you do and remain satisfied with the notion that some may enjoy it as well. If that means bouncing around a bit to taylor your prints to different visions or moods, that's okay because it should be that way. Like in music, you can interpret the same song in so many different ways, based on your feelings. Photography is the same. Those who feel tied by boundaries because they simply imitate the work of others, or a particular movement (pictorialism), are only limiting themselves. Same as those who feel they have to show every bit of shadow detail because they feel that's what St Ansel wants. Creative expression is what moves YOU and that's all you should be concerned about.
You know my favorite quote from Ralph Gibson.. ""You see, I'm not interested in mediocrity in photography. I'm not interested in selling cat shit to dogs. I just want to do my own thing. If people like my work, all the better. If they don't, too bad." - Ralph Gibson