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How does the rest of the world practice photography?
Do you aim your photography at selling the pictures? Or does it all come from the heart? Do you blend what's in your heart with inspiration from others?
Do you subscribe to any particular ideas about photography, like all your photos have to be stark realism, or romantic like pictorialism?
Recently I have stepped back from the act of photography and engaged myself more in surrealist drawings and woodcuts. Inspired by conversations with my dear fried Diwan Bhathal, I started to worry that my work just wasn't "fresh" any more.

So then I set out sketching whatever came to mind. The idea was to sketch whatever is in my head without questioning it, as directly as possible, and not allow myself to ask why I see that or whether someone else will like it or accept it. The idea is simply to get it out. The results have been everything from light and funny to deeply disturbing, but mostly interesting.

For me, the act of photography doesn't quite lend itself to that kind of emotive freewheeling... yet. So I've taken a little holiday from it. The idea is that what I am doing will feed back into the photography in some way. If it doesn't, fine, I'll just keep sketching and whatever.

What I have learned, from this holiday, is that I was certainly much too concerned about how others viewed my photography, and that preoccupation with process and technicals and whatever else was certainly keeping me from expressing the thoughts that I think are most valuable.

What happens next, who knows. I am slowly regaining my interest in photography, but I am definitely seeing things in a different way. More creatively, I think.

The point of this lengthy soliloquy is that I think that all of us who aspire to create art have to keep seeking original approaches, different ways of thinking and seeing. We have to seek ways to keep it "fresh." Otherwise it all becomes formulaic and stale. At least for me, there isn't one formula; as soon as I feel that I have mastered one particular approach (e.g. black and white IR landscape) to the best of my abilities then I simply lose interest and move on.