I too love my iPhone for the immediacy of being able to take a picture any time any where. Will it ever replace my large format gear? NO. But it is what it is, the right tool for the task at hand when I'm walking down the street and see something spontaneous, or when I'm in a museum where I want to take a visual note about something I want to use later in a more formal, polished image. As I was saying to someone on the street when they were interrogating me about why I was still shooting with my 5x7 - "It's not that I reject digital. I do shoot it. But it's a case of the right tool for the task - would you grab a hammer from the toolbox when you need a screwdriver? Would you say that oil painting is superior to watercolor, or watercolor is superior to oil painting because of one particular characteristic? If I want to paint on canvas with opaque colors, I'll use oils. If I want to work on paper with translucent colors, I'll do watercolor". We got over the whole "color is superior to black-and-white/black-and-white is superior to color" thing a long time ago, when Edward Weston (Brett?) said, "You can say things in color that you can't say in black-and-white". The converse is also true, and eventually we'll get to "You can say things in digital that you can't say in analog, and vice versa".