I like the idea, or concept then telling a story with images.
From working with many photographers over a period of time, the story or idea is more important than any individual image. Trying to walk around and find images is IMO a waste of energy, but walking around with a concept or story to tell and capturing images that tell the story is not.

Personally I have decided that the solarization process is worthy of my time and I have found many different subject matters that fits well in this printing method.
Therefore the camera and film is just a simple recording device and most of my effort is in creating an image with a unique print process using a boring object using simple setup with basic light.
I hope to produce a body of work over time in this process that some viewers may like though I really am not concerned whether people like them or not. I don't put much pressure on myself to please others, but rather I concentrate on creating an image I like.

I edition these images in small editions of three, and when I am finished a set I move on to new subjects. Selling these images are not as important to me as making them.