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Even with TTL, I rarely use my 45/60s in TTL mode. Except when I have tubes on my hassy and a bunch of filters. The auto setttings work great.
Interesting. I invariably use the "TTL" setting on the Hasselblad "ProFlash 4504" (a Metz 45/4... do I have that model right?... with a built-in sca adapter) for the Hasselblad 503Cx.
I *love* this combo. Fill-in flash is easily controlled by setting the film speed dial on the side of the camera.
One great application: Meter a sunset. Set the camera to the meter reading. Set the flash to auto TTL and place a model in the center of the frame - the area covered by the TTL sensor. Presto!! Both model AND sunset beautifully exposed.
I don't know of another flash system, other than manually working all this out, that will work this way.