Do you aim your photography at selling the pictures? Or does it all come from the heart? Do you blend what's in your heart with inspiration from others?
Do you subscribe to any particular ideas about photography, like all your photos have to be stark realism, or romantic like pictorialism?
I've mostly done work that's fairly straight and, imo, kinda like stuff you'd find at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I'm kinda tired of many of mine and have been doing the sort of navel gazing that (hopefully) can lead to more interesting work. I've also been getting inspired by another photographer I know (she shoots film and digital, but does most of the after-exposure work in PS) and have lots on my mind (hubby is in Afghanistan). That seems to be pushing me to try more things like multiple exposures and not so straight shots (all analog if I can). Though a good walk in the woods with cameras is still fun, whether the photos look mass produced or not.
I shoot for me and more and more to express myself rather than just record what I see. I've sold about 6 prints in the last 5 years - 5 in one year.