I don't know quite what to say but what I do I say enthusiastically!
In case you couldn't tell from my screen name, my name is Jackie! I hail from the beautiful state of Maine and I'm twenty three and recently decided to get back into my love affair with photography.
Other than a childhood obsession with polaroid, I'm relatively new to film, having just developed my first two rolls and I am hooked! I vaguely remember yelling at everybody in my apt. that there were pictures on my film!!!
After my first darkroom class was cancelled due to low enrollment, I decided to teach myself and so far I don't think I'm doing half bad(the fixer comes BEFORE the developer, right?) I'm hoping to expand to printing within the next month or two once the funds are available, and impatiently waiting for the ability to grow and make mistakes in the darkroom! In the meantime, I've been reading and watching and listening to anything that anybody slighty film inclined has expressed. I'm hoping to learn a whole lot between my own experiances and from all the excellent information I find here!