WTT: So the rumors of an impending bankruptcy filing are false?

PF: Yes. In fact, in the last week, news coverage has become more balanced. From an operations perspective, we are focused on continuing to drive growth in our growth areas, and we are very committed to our customer and supplier commitments. Kodak has no interest in filing for bankruptcy. [CEO} Antonio [Perez} has made that very clear. In fact, in a recent employee town meeting, he said, “There is nothing that is wrong with this company that cannot be overcome with what is right with this company.”

WTT: This speculation seemed initially to be driven by the fact that you have retained Jones Day, a well-known law firm with a specialty in bankruptcy. What is your relationship with them?

PF: We did hire Jones Day, and we have been extensively utilizing them since 2003 in areas related to litigation and intellectual property (IP). We have been in litigation on the IP side for a while, and we have made it public that we are looking at potential monetization of our Digital Imaging IP portfolio, which represents about 10% of our IP portfolio.

Editor’s Note: Jones Day is a large law firm with more than 2,500 lawyers on five continents and a wide variety of practice areas, one of which is Business Restructuring & Reorganization; another is Intellectual Property.