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It seems like this camera is pretty close to a Leica II. It might be useful to cut a longer leader, like used in the Leicas, about 4 inches long to make film loading easier. Look for info on Leica SM cameras (screw mount).
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Wolfram (Kiev 4A)

Thanks for the advice Wolfram.

Yeah.. I figured loading with pain was better than no loading at all. After determining that the specified leader length of 10cm was also about the same distance as between the center of the supply and takeup spool on the Zorki, and once I found out that (using my Leatherman Wave, which I've always got handy) cutting a new leader is easier when I start at the sprocket holes rather than at the end.

Over the past month or so (since I decided to buy my FSU camera), I've been looking at the different pages describing how to load a Leica-II-style bottom loader. I like this one the best.

Someday, I would like to get the hang of loading the camera with film having unchanged modern leaders, but for now, I like just being able to shoot with it.