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Merg, your work is wonderful and I also very much enjoyed reading your bio.

I'm hesitant to ask a technical question because doing so can sometimes sound dismissive of the breadth of your creative work, but I'm curious if you prefer contact printing or do you print enlargements? I noticed on your website that prints were currently unavailable. I'd also like to know just a little bit more about what papers you like to print onto.

I feel honored to have you as an APUG member, yet not being previously aware of your work makes me feel somewhat disconnected; but I'm glad to have discovered your work.

Joe, thank you for taking a look and for the kind words.

It is natural and expected that questions of technique arise when viewing a body of photographic work. I have kept my technique as simple as possible. In the instance of the Point Lobos portfolio, the majority of the images were made with an 8x10 Agfa camera, and the remainder with a 4x5 Calumet. The 8x10's were originally contact printed on papers no longer available, including Azo, Contactone and Lustrex. Likewise, the 4x5's were printed on discontinued Agfa and Ilford projection papers. They have been enlarged using an Omega DII with an Aristo coldlight source. The enlarger was purchased in 1962. I switched from condenser to coldlight about a dozen years ago.

All of my work is presently enlarged, with the exception of the 8x10 negatives. I have settled on a single paper, the new Adox MCC 110 developed in a Glycin formula. In my opinion, it is the finest projection paper currenly available. For the present time I have ceased printing for sale, thus leaving more time for new work.

Hope this answers your questions, and thanks again for writing.