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I think that in my experience had I continued with the initial object of my attention (the wild flowers), I would have missed a wonderful and meaningful experience. I think that we are all involved in a process of "seeing" in new and unusual ways. To duplicate anothers vision would be to miss ours. To become so firmly entrenched in "usual" ways of seeing would be to disregard that which is there before us.
Wonderfully said!!!

I follow my muse - (to hell with whether that sounds "trite" or not!). The best work that we do will invariably be that of whatever *fascinates* us. If one is fascinated by doorknobs, by all means - photograph doorknobs. If the subject is female nudes ..... or bridges, or ...
What else makes any sense?

That fascination does not have to be long standing. Momentary flights of imagination can be brilliant.

It has taken a couple of decades, but I have finally decided that, for me, the way to go is to convince myself of my freedom of the moment; NOT "think too much" (Over-thinking is the photographic equivalent of "overworking" with pencil or charcoal); and FORGET every comment made by any critic ... whenever (that is, remove those from conscious thought ... the "good ones" will survive in pre-consciousness).

So ... every once in a while, I get a "good one". I can't ask for more.

I could really go out and KILL myself trying (been there, done that ... got the T-shirt) and ... every once in a while, I'd get a "good one"... but, much less frequently.