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So, if that is the case, then what about The Digital Dilemma - http://www.oscars.org/science-techno...igitaldilemma/
Here is the link to the pdf (in case You don't wanna reg on the OSCARS website to get it) http://www.artmob.ca/files/pdf-stc_digital_dilemma.pdf
Also, in the recent months Kodak seems pretty active on their Youtube channel, blasting videos and stuff..
..and this, from last year http://motion.kodak.com/motion/uploa...talDilemma.pdf
The "digital dilemma" is not going to be solved by Kodak film. It will be solved, or rather, ameliorated, by digital means as opposed to photochemical and mechanical means. Many analog film reels decayed due to lack of adequate and costly storage. Frankly, the biggest threat to digital archiving is copyright. The mentality is still "vault" rather than "

I like Kodak's thrust about the positive side of film, and its economics. But Kodak does not make cameras. Nor do they own the motion picture screens in movie houses. Kodak ironically hastened the advance of digital steep in film processing to cinema with Digital ICE technology.

I think the fact that film has fallen off a cliff was inevitable, but in cultural industries we like to be romantics and always envision a soft landing buyer by dedicated enthusiasts and hobby industries. Sadly, there may not be enough demand for fill in photography or motion pictures to sustain any industrial roll or canister film manufacturing. There's a terrible inertia at work here.