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The standard for neg storage for many years was Printfile, sold by many supply houses, including Freestyle, an APUG sponsor - you can see them here-
They also have a thinner weight to the bottom layer (against which the emulsion lies) to facilitate convenient contact printing without removing them from the preservers.
I still use them, and find no static issues. I am not aware of the 10 year replacement issue waltereegho mentions.
I didn't say that this particular brand should be replaced after 10 years . It's just a generalization. A standard A4 archival box, for example, is rated for 10 years. There are 30-year boxes as well (the ones I use at work are blue), but they are much, much more expensive and only used for very important documents. I don't know about these plastic sleeves, but in general, repacking is always necessary somewhere in the distant future. There is no "put away and forget about it for the next 200 years" solution that I'm aware of. Then again, a lifetime may be enough