Thanks for pointing me in the direction of Walker Evans and Bruce Davidson. I bought the books, they are great. Evans did what I am trying to achieve, a few decades earlier and much better. This is great inspiration to me. Bruce Davidson is also very interesting. The colours are amazing. (My results are very yellow and green.)

(I spent a week in Moscow recently and have got a dozen or so more photos that I like. For the first time someone protested. He walked up to me and talked confrontationally but soon disappeared in the crowd. It made me think, though.)

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You are doing beautifully by yourself.

However another source of guidance might be to examine the work of Walker Evans. He traveled the subways of New York 1938-1941.
“EVANS, Walker, "The Passengers", New York, 1938, Walker Evans, Princeton, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Princeton University Press, 2000.”

Other books that have examples of this work but are not limited to his subway photos:
Walker Evans; Museum Of Modern Art, NY, NY; Szarkowski, John, 1971
Walker Evans; Hambourg, Rosenheim, Eklund, Fineman; Metropolitan Museum of Art, Princeton University Press, Princeton, NJ, 2000

John Powers