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an image can't be great because of the technique, or lack of it - or even the choise of it..

the chosen technique should be closely integrated in the subject matter - so in the end, we're not looking at a photograph, but on an image.
I understand what you say about a means to an end, and I largely agree with what you say. In some way shape or form I think that if we print our own prints, then we have to know a little bit about darkroom technique. And knowing about exposure helps the darkroom work with less waste and so on.

What I don't understand is what the difference is between a photograph and an image. I thought we are all photographers here, and as far as I know we all produce photographs. Is it perhaps a translation thing?

I just call them all pictures. Drives some people nuts, but that can be fun too. Especially when I say 'take pictures'. Oh yeah... hahaha