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I use this adapter with my Minolta X-700 and Pentax Takumar M42 lenses and attain infinity focus with them. No glass required.
Good morning, Tony;

Yes, just about six (6) messages back from yours, I do agree that the M-42 lenses will fully work on both the Minolta SR and AF mounts, but not with the very similar appearing adapter for the Leica or M-39 Screw Thread Mount lenses.

And, the M-42 to Minolta SR Adapter through B&H looks very much like the adapter that I have also, but it is listed as being cheaper than the one that came out of the Minolta box here. Another insult to me, I guess. Oh, well. I have survived many other things in my lifetime.

And, there is a surprise for me in your message: You do not list in your signature line any Minolta cameras. I am surprised to see your comment about using that adapter with your Pentax Takumar lenses on your Minolta X-700.

Also, I still regard the X-700 as being probably the best effort Minolta put out for a "system camera." You can do just about anything you can envision with the "MPS" accessories they made available to work with the X-700. And, for me, the X-700 with the MD-1 Motor Drive really does just fit my hand perfectly. I like that camera. With the MD-1 on it, the shutter release button is right where my finger expects to find it. I just wish they had been as careful with the ergonomics when they came out with the Minolta Maxxum/Dynax 9.