[QUOTE=Rudeofus;1248391]A lot of artists engage in sheer limitless self flattery and self promotion when they talk about their art. "I don't care about technique" and "I know nothing about photography" should be read as "I am so great that even poor technique doesn't make my magnificent pieces of art any less valuable" or "Being a technical imbecile makes me an even greater artist".

I would tend to agree with this. There seem to be two kinds of people who use that. 1) People making excuses for bad craftsmanship, and 2) Talented big names who conveniently forget or gloss over their interest in technical details or their earlier years. Brett Weston is a good example of category 2. His apparent total lack of interest in technique has no doubt added to the mystique. "He's so good he doesn't even have to know what dilution to use for LPD". Give me a break. I am pretty sure over his career, and particularly in his early years, he experimented and tested all sorts of materials, and I'll bet he focused a lot more on technique than he let on. There are clues to this here and there, like how each Weston, including the great "technical idiot" Brett, had his own special ratios for Amidol, etc.

I stand by my assertion there is nothing inherent in technical thinking that precludes the making of great photographs.