There are a few items in my latest garage sale haul which I can't identify, other than that they definitely have something to do with photography. The bag of gear that these came from had a pretty random assortment of equipment and manuals, so I can't really put a "theme" on the bag. Thanks in advance for any insight! If you need any more detailed pics or info please ask.

I forgot to take pictures of the largest item, it is a Nikon F3HP with a pin registered back that says "DOUBLE M INDUSTRIES AUSTIN TEXAS USA" on it. Is there any value in keeping this thing together? Otherwise I was thinking about swapping the back out for a normal one so I could actually use the camera. If anyone is really curious about what it looks like I suppose I could go back and shoot it

The other items:

Big lens/aperture contraption:

The box says "Sakar Telephoto/Wide Angle lens for Nikon Auto Focus". Doesn't look like it goes on any auto focus as far as I can tell, these lenses are very small. Also have a ring in the center of the lens and what looks like some accessory lenses that come with them:

Small lens with working aperture, says "WILL.Wetzlar Germany WILONAR 1:4,5/75 L" on the face of the lens.