So I just got in last week from eBay a lovely Argus C4, in full (I thought) working order. I took it out for a spin over the weekend and it started freezing up. I ended up tearing the film sprocket holes and the shutter wouldn't actuate: the winding knob would only make the shutter button bob up and down, with little to no stopping where frames should be.

This afternoon I did some research and found that the culprit was most likely gummy shutter blades, and I did some cleaning with lighter fluid. I must have done something bad, though, since at first I had success with bringing the shutter back to life, but now the whole works seems to have seized up and I can't get anything to function at all!

I do love Argus cameras and I'm thoroughly disgusted by the whole affair now, and I'm apprehensive about paying more than one is worth on eBay for fear it'll do the same thing. And of course they're not super-rare or super-expensive cameras. So does anyone out there have a known-to-be-functional C4 in decent condition they'd be willing to sell me?

(I'd ask about having mine repaired, but I assume the cost would be more than the camera is worth.)
Thanks, folks!