That is amazing, I need one of those autofocus F2s too. I have noticed that my buying trends for increased periods of GAS have been relieved by buying from APUG memebers first then going on to Fred Miranda for complete treatment. I like buying from guys who actually can explain the differences between an F2 and F4 right now this second....probably without even having owned either.

When the time comes to unload some equipment in order to make room for more (and different) equipment, I plan on using this forum first to do it. Photo equipment in good to excellent shape is getting harder to find now and it is a real shame when a wonderful piece of equipment gets into non-user hands that won't treat it with the respect it deserves let alone use it.

Aslo, I think we all know here at APUG the prices on that big auction site don't always end up as the "deal" that the whole experience is supposed to be. Never ever had an issue with anything purchased here through friends that wasn't disclosed before hand. Again, photographers helping photographers......the way it should be.

Bob E.