By coincidence, I was asked to delete a photo two days ago. I was photographing a woman at the farmer's market dressed in a sarong with a scarf. I got a bit too ambitious (and a bit careless) and she "caught" me.

She asked if I took her picture. I replied that I had. She wanted me to delete it and I replied "I can't delete it - this is a film camera." She was nice enough about it; she said "we don't like to be photographed" then told (not asked, but told) me not to print the photo, which I did not agree to. That was about it, no big deal.

Lesson learned: Don't get overly ambitious (or careless) when photographing women in middle eastern garb.

And use a film camera.

Yes, I will print the negative - it is my image and it is my right to do so. And if it's an image I like, I will exhibit it at some point.