Ricketts Glenn was an exciting place to visit. This is the first of a few Post Visit Postings here on APUG. The C-41 Ektar I shot is off at the lab, (Mail-Order, whatever happened to the good labs in our area?) so it will be a week or so until we can post pictures.

The waterfalls at R.G. were full and rushing to capacity. 1 hurricane, 1 tropical storm, and now several straight days of rain this year has left many in Pennsylvania very soaked and caused a lot of damage; our hearts and prayers go out to those struggling with the clean up and loss. All this rain also made the waterfalls higher than many locals have seen them and not take out the entire area in a full flood.

We had 6 adventure craving, camera slinging waterfall loving APUGers out to find the perfect nature shots and no doubt there are master pieces to appear in the gallery here on APUG and others locations, including the walls of our home. Only causality was Chrisís shutter on his Zone 6 froze up 1/3 of the way down the mountain. A terrible loss, but he did have his trusty rangefinder as a backup.

The colors were beautiful; while the rain held back for our major hike on Saturday the 15th of October. The majority of the tourists never showed up because it had been so rainy for so many days, , but they were there including one guy with an elephant sized white poodle.

You gotta have rain to have big waterfalls. We got it all.