I cut my teeth in Photography class 101 using Tri-X and HC-110 dil. B in 35mm and the results were just fine, not fantastic, but just fine. Now, the two "store bought" liquids that I use the most are Rodinal and Ilford DD-X. I have never really given the T-Max developers a good try and would think that if you worked with them for a while they would be great too. I have used WD2D+ and it's a fantastic developer, but it's not as easy to use. I'd say I use Rodinal most for much of my film, but not at 1:25 or 1:50. Usually at 1:100-200 and semi-stand or stand development. My pick here for easy, repeatable, great results would go to DD-X for sure. I like it with Ilford PanF+ and Fuji Acros, but not at the recommended 1:4. I use it at 1:8 or 9 for clean negative that really sparkle/white. DD-X ain't as cheap as Rodinal, but it's darn good if you want to go pre-mixed liquid. Just my own opinion of course. JohnW