I love this camera, I really do. Lens is super sharp, contrasty and handles flare real well. You probably already knew this, though.

As much as I love this camera, I don't think the square format is for me. So, I am looking to trade for a Mamiya 7 lens or Mamiya 7II lens.

Everything on this camera functions as it should. RF is aligned and a pleasure to look through. All shutter speeds are fine. Aperture blades in good shape. Body does have some chips off the front. It does show signs of use, but still in very good shape. The front element does have a tiny mark on it..not sure where it came from or how it got there, but it's there. It DOES NOT affect image quality, nor does it show up when stopped all the way down.

Probably looking for an even trade if Mamiya 7, will put up some extra cash for 7II.

Comes with camera body, 75mm lens, body cap, lens cap, strap and a bunch of spare batteries.

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