Hello to All,
Those of you who have read my posts on this Forum know that I have a pair of hands that are just not connected to my Brain. On top of that, all of my glass plate coating must be done in total darkness, with only a relatively cheap IR monocal. I have tryed the traditional pouring of emulsion; glass rod draw downs;and steel Meyer Rod draw downs. All these methods have given me problems, both with the quality of th coating and with making a big mess, as well as wasting good emulsion on the floor.
Last night I tried,sucsesfully, the method that Denise Ross uses. She has described it in detail somewhere on this forum or on her website www.thelightfarm.com. Basicly, A catheter syringe is used to slowly lay down a coating on a glass plate nestled closely in a glass frame, slightly higher than the glass plate itself.
This method is the easiest, cleanest method that I have ever tried. I highly recommend it.
If I can do it, anyone can!