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I just received order o bergger 200 from view camera...I develope in trays, one neg at a time and my developer has been D-76, I also just received pyrocat HD from P-Formulary and will try that one.

For exposure I have only an incident meter....

I have been told to expose the Bergger from 60 to 100-for platinum etc...?

Thanks again
Dave in Vegas

I would rate the BPF 200 film at about EFS 100. If you rate it too low you will get too much density and your printing times will be very long with UV processes, whether carbon or pt./pd.

If you use an incident meter you have three choices.

1. Take the reading in the shadows and double the EFS of the film, i.e. rate it at EFS 200.

2. Take the reading in full light and halve the EFS of the film, i.e. rate it at EFS 50.

3. Take one reading in the shadows and one in full light, average the two, and rate the film at full EFS, which would be EFS 100.

I generally follow #1 since for me the most critical parts of the scene at exposure are shadow density.