A good time was indeed had by all. (Thud! Lunch time, boys!)

Wish I could have spent time with Robert and the mysterious Alex, but all in due time. Lee and Sue were great company. I had been having a bad week of things missing Faith. Almost did not go. But my brother's weekend freed up and he kinda invited himself. I didn't mind in the least. It got me up that nountain which is exactly where I needed to be.

Lee's Hassy was a'blazing away at the BEAUTIFUL fall colors, ( called that weekend right, Lee) the amazing cascades and falls. Sue met us way up the trail. We were heading downn albeit slowly, and she had ascended. I took a couple of shots with the 4x5 when the Kodak shutter started going hinky. Made a lot of good negs with the Zeiss when it decided "Alas, I have wound on enough film" so I took a lot of the precarious trail occularly. It was such a beautiful day. It could not have been any better were AA himself to come back from repose to muse about music and commercialism and my somewhat shaky tripod under the Wista.

I'm am better for having spent such valued time in such wonderful company. Just what the doctor ordered.

Oh, and I have finally made the descent. 1,000 feet in a mile. Glad I don't have to do it again, let alone go up. ;P