If you start with a junker or two, there's nothing to be lost. Take as much time as you need and don't treat it as a race. Here's a link to the Classic Camera Repair Forum:
http://www.kyphoto.com/classics/foru...tml?1319000955 If you need help there's usually someone on there who can advise. I started repairing cameras when a repair man gave me back a Pentax ME with a wire poking out from under the top plate. I pointed this out to him then watched as he whipped the top off, poked the wire back and reassembled it. There was no black magic involved. Thereafter, I started doing simple repairs to my various Pentax bodies and lenses. A good quality set of cross-head and flat blade screwdrivers is essential (personally I'd steer clear of the pound or dollar shops!), but most other tools can be easily made to suit a particular job. There's a very good pair of books by Tomosy that give some basic repair advice. He suggests that when you are able to replace an SLR's shutter blinds, you can call yourself a camera repair man. I've got nowhere near that level but have saved myself a lot of money by cleaning my own lenses, freeing stuck mechanisms, replacing PCBs, etc.. It's surprising how many faults are actually quite simple to fix if you're able to spend a little time on them. As with so many other things, it's the cost of labour that often makes commercial repairs uneconomical.
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