I've been charged with the noble task of developing some old rolls of film for my friend and his dad. My friend's dad (John) had a darkroom back in the day and was always one more reason why the idea of buildling one sounded so appealing to me. So I'd like to do him justice and need your careful deliberation on my processing plan.

What I've got is:

4 rolls of Kodak Recording Film 2475
2 rolls of Plus-X Pan (PX)
1 roll of Kodak Technical Pan
2 rolls of Tri-X Pan 400 (TX)
1 roll of Verichrome Pan (120, and expiry of 1960!)

One of the Tri-X rolls is labeled 1992, and I suspect that all the film (besides the Verichrome) is of this vintage. I have no other information; like what EI was used or anything. It's likely that this stuff has been sitting in a climate controlled basement for 20 years, but not in cannisters.

I'll be using HC-110 and here are Kodak's recommendations:

Recording Film: dilution B, 9' @ 20
Plus-X Pan: dilution B, 5' @ 20
Technical Pan: dilution F, 8' (EI 50) @ 20
Tri-X Pan: dilution B, 7.5' @ 20
Verichrome: n/a

These are published times for fresh film, and I read that a 40% increase in development time would be prudent for old film. Do you think that's a safe bet?

Should I couple that with lower temperature or higher concentration to beat fog?

As for the Verichrome, I'm going to have to use the see-saw method as I don't have a 120 reel. I've always wanted to try that anyways. I've found 2 suggestions for old film like this: one is dilution A, cold (he says between 2-12C), 5 minutes. This suggested a clip test however. Elsewhere, someone reported good results with dilution B, 18 for 8 minutes.

Thanks in advance for any help!