Thank you for chiming in on the longevity of those ZA cells - I was wondering how that looked in real life conditions - I doubt that my QL will get more than moderate use - it has to get in line... hehehehe


Thanks for the input - I suspected that the meter will be less than pro grade, so its good to have that confirmed. I doubt it will be used for photography involving much metering - it will be more of "shoot from the hip" camera, so that works just fine for me. And you are right about the price - my QL with flash (the D model), case, strap and owners manual is on the way home, auction ended 2 hours ago! I also found the way it synchs up with the flash at all speeds to be very cool! Thanks for all the info, I will be sure to share my impressions as soon as the mail man drops the package of! I might get one of those Zinc Airs... really because I think its a neat technology, but after that it might get whatever will fit.

I am looking forward to my first rf, that is if the wife ever lets me use it

PS. please elaborate on sunny-16 - I am not sure I am familiar with the term.