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I hve a Zero Image 2000. It has functioned as an ornament. Since I have not used it ,perhaps some advice.Is there a preferred film to use? I shoot black and white.

Howard Dvorin
I've gotten very very good results from Ilford FP4, HP5 and Delta 100. For Kodak films I got very good results from TMax 100, and TXP 320. The TXP is really well suited for pinhole. Kodak doesn't have as much reciprocity as Ilford, but my experience with FP4 and HP5 leave me looking no further for general every day use.

On rare occasions I have really enjoyed using Adox CHS Art 25. The reciprocity is almost nothing. It becomes a "fast" film under pinhole applications. Same thing goes with the faster 50 and 100 ASA versions but then the quality degrades, and grainyness appears (in 100). The Adox CHS Art 25 has an undeterminable grain. You cannot tell there is a grain. If that's your desire, consider this film. You'll get a little darker skies too, which is a real bonus when there's clouds as it creates a very dynamic sky. You don't want to overexpose this film. It will blow out highlights. Somewhere I have information on calculating reciprocity with Adox. It does not work like the other films. If anyone's interested on that, sound the alarm and I'll try to dig up the details.