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A little late to the party here, but I'm surprised nobody's said anything about the lens' max aperture. Larger max aperture generally means brighter viewfinder. So if one lens is f/1.4 and the other is f/5.6 you're going to have a significant difference in viewfinder brightness. If you really want to compare, either get like-sized lenses, or stop down the larger lens to the smaller max aperture of the other. (There will likely be a noticeable difference between viewfinder design of the F2 and EOS 3; to be expected, considering the age difference.)

But if you're just fishing around for an excuse to get yourself a 1N... The 3 is a more advanced camera than the 1N. I have both, I like both. I used the 1N a month ago, the 3 has been sitting in a Crown Royal bag for at least a year. And I prefer my T90 to both of them.
I compared them with both 50mm 1.4 lens Of each make, even tried the nikon 50mm with adapter on the Eos 3. But I may have to point out that I'm well aware of the different spec of the eos 3 and F2 viewfinder and do not intend to compare them.
I got an offer to buy a 1n, thats the main reason. But in the end I decided against it. The 3 is rarely used as I'm more inclined to take the kiev 4 when I go out now