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As for working on your reciprocity, consider this first. Due to the low light situation, getting an exposure wrong is harder to do than you may think. There is a lot of latitude in the exposure. Way more than in lensed photography. Next, get your hands on the program "Pinhole Designer" http://www.pinhole.cz/ if you have Windows. You can use that program not only to design a pinhole camera but also to generate a table of exposures on the basis of f22 measurement with your light meter. Oh man, that program is very nifty. ....
Great advice. I have a MAC but I also have an old under powered netbook running XP home edition. I hope it will run on that. A table of exposures would help. On the back of my multi format I have an exposure dial from Zero Image and I take a reading with the light meter then transfer to the dial and then look at either f55 for zone plate or f158 for pinhole, but have had to guess (usually double the times) at very long exposures. The self portrait one of me on the bridge was 6 minutes in the forrest with some open sky. (Also a guess, but it was harder to stand almost still for 6 minutes)

Hope to get the camera out this Sunday and shoot some film. Will be in Columbus Ohio on Sunday (I think) so I'll see about shooting some things there. Might take some long exposure shots in the house to burn up the B&W and put a roll of Color in for the weekend. Might have nice fall weather.